22/05/24 - Wednesday
Wanna play a game? help me squirt!! 23

Level 1: Turn me on! (Hint: Rub my body with coconut oil.) Rub me from my back, my legs, breast and ass for 30 minutes!Level 2: Eat me like it's your last meal.Feel free to touch me from where ever just make sure I squirt 3x. (No toysincluded) Must be very skilled.Level 3: Once you are able to reachthis far, we'll have to battle. Please be ready to fight. You have 2 hours to win the game. Can you be the next winner?I alsohave Married Man version & Thou Shall Not Nut. There are more scenarios to unlock and I'll let you use my body to play. Be careful, this can get very addicting.